Acquisitions & Sales

Aircraft Acquisitions

If you are looking to purchase an aircraft, Avalair is here to assist with the entire process, beginning with the selection of the most suitable aircraft to the final delivery to its new home.

There is a lot more going into an aircraft purchase than simply selecting an aircraft. Much of the work goes into researching and evaluating what aircraft will best suit your needs. Avalair will sit down with you to understand your operational missions and budget, and we will also discuss long term ownership considerations such as ongoing maintenance costs and future market determinants. Once we process all of these details, you will be able to make the informed decision that is right for you.

Here is a general overview of our aircraft acquisition services:

  • Determine your aircraft needs and budget preferences to help select an appropriate aircraft for purchase.
  • Research and evaluate available aircraft for sale, presenting you with the most suitable options for consideration.
  • Work with sellers to negotiate the lowest possible purchase price.
  • Organize, schedule and oversee the pre-purchase inspection process.
  • Create a pro-forma budget detailing future aircraft costs.
  • Work with the Aircraft Title Company to assist in the aircraft closing process.
  • Arrange for delivery of the aircraft to your preferred location.

Aircraft Sales

If you are a current aircraft owner who has decided it is time to sell, Avalair is here to ensure you get the best deal for your aircraft. We have sold numerous aircraft, ranging from light pistons to large-cabin jets.

Our process starts with a personal evaluation of your aircraft. We will come to your home airport to assess the status and condition of your aircraft, including a visual inspection and logbook research. Once we understand your aircraft’s “story”, we will make any recommendations we feel will contribute to an expeditious sale. Once we come to an agreement on the specifics of the sale, we will develop our marketing plan and get to work!

We will market your aircraft, field all inquiries, and schedule any showings and test flights. All offers will be presented for your consideration, and we will provide you a monthly activity report until the aircraft is sold!

Aircraft Specifications

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